hi, i'm elly, i stan suho & chen, i ship kaisoo & lumin.

i translate EXO-related stuff (Kor to Eng) that are interesting imo, such as a lot of fan acc's, some predebut facts, few widespread rumors in the k-fandom that aren't detrimental towards the boys' reps/images, etc. (+ i add in disclaimers if i'm specifically translating rumors.) but i find myself answering random anon questions a lot more. you might see my annoying replies on your dash often. OTL

recently, i haven't been replying to all anon asks i receive(d) due to schoolwork and all else that occupies my time irl. OTL I apologize beforehand if you haven't gotten replies yet (which is likelyyyy but then, there's also tumlr eating away msg's so..) Sorry. 쏘리. Lo siento. ㅜㅜ
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I just saw pics of kyungsoo and jo in sung all over my t-list and I have read that this actor was rumored to be gay and kyungsoo is the gaysident so jo in sung must be happy :DD

Jo Insung’s happily dating Kim Minhee.

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what mixed signals about tae? on ur twitter?

Oh, that. I was referring to her IG comments before her acc was made official (screencaps already on tumblr, though idk if they were properly translated):

Taeyeon said: “I’ve a problem/Something’s happening [to me]. H hurry Those people* are flocking to me.”

To which, Sunny replied: “Kekeke Follow back~~ Just go and do an international marriage.”

Taeyeon: “Ah seriously Keke Fuckin’ laughing** Kekeke Whether or not these people know me or not, this is fun Keke”

response getting long, so under the cut = =

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Why does kyungsoo not like emoticons?

Fans know he once “argued” with an official who replaced his written out “하트/hearteu” with the emoticon “♥”. (He asked the official to put it back as “하트.”)

He clarified that in a news interview by saying he doesn’t like emoticons, but there’s this audio where a fan asked and he got all flustered, saying, “Uhhh……Just because.”

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if kai is not ur bias who is


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he was pointing while saying it in the vid

He was reacting to the kid saying it to him though? The other guy was saying “Fuck you” first, and Jongin automatically reacted by stepping towards him/pointing (he did mouth or say smth at this point but). The guy was continuing to say “Fuck you” again, this time w/ the n word ‘til the kid filming cut in w/ “Now, now, looks like a fight is starting so…”

(Pretty sure the same guy initiating that “fight” scenario was the one who cursed once or twice in Korean at other parts of the vid, too. Though that’s irrelevant to this clip lol)

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