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i translate EXO-related stuff (Kor to Eng) that are interesting imo, such as a lot of fan acc's, some predebut facts, few widespread rumors in the k-fandom that aren't detrimental towards the boys' reps/images, etc. (+ i add in disclaimers if i'm specifically translating rumors.) but i find myself answering random anon questions a lot more. you might see my annoying replies on your dash often. OTL

recently, i haven't been replying to all anon asks i receive(d) due to schoolwork and all else that occupies my time irl. OTL I apologize beforehand if you haven't gotten replies yet (which is likelyyyy but then, there's also tumlr eating away msg's so..) Sorry. 쏘리. Lo siento. ㅜㅜ

Compilation of interesting Kai fan accounts/facts/rumors (17)

For that one anon who requested this. :)

This is probably the longest one I made so far, I think?

  • Kai’s nickname is Kkamjong. He admits it and knows that he has darker skin tone than the other members, but because the members tease him way too often about it, he seldom gets annoyed by it. During the Channel V Hero filming, Chanyeol laughed, pointing out that even Kai’s chair is a dark color. Kai retorted with a straight face, “그래요. 나 까매요. 아주 까맣죠…” Translates into “That’s right. I’m dark. Very dark…” Then, he pointed to a couple fans in the audience, “Some of the fans here have a similar dark skin tone. It’s like I’m watching a bunch of Kai’s in front of me…like family.” (Oh my god, Jongin. I hope you’re not dissing your own fans…; OTL) Chanyeol sort of gave an apologetic pat on Kai’s shoulder, but Kai remained unamused. (There’s a vid of this out there.)
  • So after Chanyeol sort of upset Kai by teasing him about how Kai’s chair’s also a dark color, Kai became all sensitive. (Aww ;A;) The male MC was about to give D.O. the pink elephant plushie, but Kai reached for it first, so D.O. ended up with the dark grey one. (Yes, originally, Kai was supposed to have the dark grey plushie and D.O to pink one.) After filming was over, Kai was heard mumbling to himself, “They only gave me the red plushie because I asked for it. Why were they about to give only me the dark one?” x) (There’s a vid of this out there too~ )
  • Kai sometimes imitates Chanyeol’s knee-slapping reaction outside the camera.
  • At one fan signing, Kai promised a fan that he’d marry her in the future. The fan was a four year old…
  • About Kai’s dog, Monggu, he first took him home after being told it was was a toy poodle. He later found out that Monggu’s just a poodle, not a toy poodle. LOL He was lied to. Jjangu, on the other hand, is a toy poodle.
  • Whenever Kai pretends to cry in front of Monggu, it’s said that Monggu tilts his head, and Kai finds that really cute. So whenever Monggu doesn’t respond when Kai calls him, Kai puts on a crying act, and Monggu would come running over and tilt his head. He shared this himself with his highschool classmates.
  • Kai’s father is his #1 fan and loves his son’s dancing. There’s a widespread rumor that his dad’s a doctor and his dad was the one who put him into all these different dancing classes (starting out with ballet and attending a jazz dance school when he was young), so he can try different things in life, unlike his own younger self who “wasted” his whole youth studying. And this is why, Kai has a real close relationship with his father. But then, there’s another rumor that Kai’s dad’s not a doctor but the owner of a bakery, so yeah, I’d take this with a grain of salt.
  • Jongin’s ideal height for a girl is 160-169cm. He’s said to like really skinny girls, considering the types of girls he’s shown interest in the past. So many fans reacted to this with “OTL” LOL 
  • This is an account from Kai’s friend who went to Seoul Arts High School with him: Jongin’s in love with the school store. He’s always buying “쫀쪼니,” a snack that the school store sells. Jongin looks like the type to be really popular among the girls, but in reality, there weren’t any girls actually following him around because they liked him. & The time he was filming all those teasers for EXO, all the guys in class were saying things like, “Woah! You’re finally debuting!” Jongin would say that he was so happy that he could die. Even the teachers teased him, asking him to sing or dance in front of the class. Jongin acted all shy, but he still did what the teachers asked him to do and slightly showed off. Ah, right! All the fans are noting how broad Jongin’s shoulders are, and yeah. Whenever we all needed to line up for something, the kids who stood next to him were really uncomfortable because Jongin’s shoulders would be bumping into them kekeke. Jongin’s also really good at running and he likes P.E. class, but he hates the heat. One time, he drank “Narangdeu Cider” for the first time and it was love at first sight. From that day on, he only drank that drink, and would make silly puns like “Do you want to drink with me?” (“Narangdeu” implies “Drink with me” in Korean.) Pics of the drink and 쫀쪼니 (the snack Kai always bought) below:
  •  image image
  • At one of Shinee’s fan signing, a fan put a post-it in front of Taemin that read, “Circle yes or no. If you, Lee Taemin, go abroad again, I will start liking Kim Jongin instead.” Taemin read the post-it and seemed to be in deep thought for awhile. Then, he circled “yes” and told the fan, “Please like Jongin a lot.” The fan looked surprised and then said, “But what about you!? So it’s okay if I stop being your fan and start liking Jongin instead?” And then Taemin said, “Nope. Please like us both. ^__^” 
  • At the Golden Bell Concert, Kai’s back was hurting again. Before their stage, Suho was trying to help Kai out by telling him to lean on him. Kai shook his head and told him to stop because the fans and everyone else were looking. Suho reluctantly agreed, and throughout the perf, Kai was smiling like nothing was wrong.
  • Kai can be really dull and nonchalant with his fanservice. But if you catch him in his good mood, oh my god. He can go from repeating the fan’s name over and over again, saying “____-ah, I love you,” to telling corny jokes, etc.
  • This is an account from a fan who supported Kai from even his trainee days. During his trainee days, Kai had a couple fans. Unlike Suho who was warm and caring to his fans, Kai was really indifferent to them. He just simply nodded and walked away when his fans would excitedly greet him. So a lot of people thought he was a pretty uncaring person. In reality, even if Kai acted that way, it seemed like he secretly took note of each fan and made sure to remember their faces. This fan saw him in the bus when he was heading home after practice. She wanted to talk to him but decided against it because of his usual cold demeanor. But then he went and greeted her first, and he had even remembered her name. Turned out he could be really playful and childish once he gets comfortable with you.
  • Seems Kai likes fans calling him “oppa.” There was a fan, who was really worried about his back, but there was only one thing on Kai’s mind. LOL Fan: “Jongin-ah, hi~” Kai: “Yes, hello.” Fan: “Jongin-ah, is your back okay? …Jongin-ah?” Kai started giving the fan an intimidating glare. Fan: “Jong..Jongin-ah…” Kai: “Uniform.” Fan: “..huh..?” Kai: “School uniform…You’re wearing one right now.” Fan: “Ah…but I’m also a 94’er….” Kai: “Call me oppa.” Fan: “Yes…oppa….”
  • Jongin also does that thing a lot. You know, the one where you tap someone on the shoulder and pretend it’s not you. He does that A LOT. So many times that whenever someone in class gets tapped on the back, everyone in class tells Jongin to stop. LOL 
  • One time, there was this one girl in Kai’s class who was sleeping with her head down. Someone tapped her right shoulder, so she naturally looked behind to her right. The guy behind her was like “What?” so then she turned back around and went back to sleep. She didn’t bother checking with Jongin who sat behind her on her left because they weren’t close at all. So she was thinking “No, it can’t be him.” But as soon as she put her head back down, someone tapped her right shoulder again. She turned around to her left and there was Jongin snickering, looking really amused. A lot of EXO fans seem to think Jongin’s real mature for his age, but apparently, with the way he normally acts, he’s still a kid at heart.
  • There was one fan who asked Kai what animal he thinks she looks like. She was expecting him to say a rabbit, a puppy, or any cute animal that people usually say out of politeness. He told her she looks like a porcupine. The fan left feeling confused whether to feel good about it or not. 

LOL So far, I made compilations for Kai, D.O, Suho, and one for EXO in general, who’s next? :P

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