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BTOB’s Hyunsik & EXO-K’s D.O. Mini-Compilation (12)

Considering how close these two are, there’s really little about them other than the videos of their high school performances & even in those, we can barely see their faces or “interactions” whatsoever. 

This isn’t much, but I compiled whatever I could so that we can all sort of ship see how adorably close these two are! 

+ Added things like what classmates had to say about these two, individually, in their yearbook, what Kyungsoo’s high school teacher said about him, what their music academy teacher said, etc.

LAST BULLET’S MY FAV. (Fellow BTOB member’s comment on these two! ♥)

The first few will be things we prob all have seen.

  • Heavenly Voice’s performance at annual Baeksuk High event in Goyang, here.
  • M!Countdown’s BTS cut (cr:tistory)
  • image
  • Asia TV Spot Magazine cuts (cr:tistory) (Kyungsoo’s behind Kai btw)
  • image
  • image
  • image
  • ^ Here, Hyunsik wrote down D.O. for the close celebrity friend he has, and there was a whole lot of confusion when D.O. wrote down “No one.” for his interview. 
  • A fan went to an EXO-K fan signing and when she got to Kyungsoo, she jokingly asked him for an explanation. Kyungsoo was startled and really couldn’t hide his “grief” when he stuttered out, “T-t-they told me to choose someone from S-S-SM so I-I…” The fan asked him if they weren’t friends anymore, and Kyungsoo said, “No, we’re still very close!!!” (There was an audio recording for this, and I remember listening to it & half-sobbing over Kyungsoo’s panicky voice. But the file’s no longer up b/c you could hear the fan’s full name in the recording & she felt uncomfortable about that part.)
  • His expression when talking to this fan though was sort of like: (gif cr:tistory)
  • image
  • But in Kyungsoo’s “Oh My Star” interview, he talked about his friendship with Hyunsik. “When we went to the same school together, we’d tell each other, ‘Let’s sing [meaning ‘let’s debut’] and meet again.’ But now, our dreams have come true. The feeling I get when I meet Hyunsik at music programs is a bit weird/indescribable.” In this interview, Kyungsoo also said that he used to enjoy singing a lot of ballads like Brown Eyed Soul’s “My Story.” “My Story” is one of the songs he sang with Hyunsik at Baeksuk High’s annual event.
  • image
  • In Kyungsoo’s letter to his brother in the army: “Also, one of my two partners became a trainee~ keke It’s a company called “Cube,” and it’s a sister company of JYP. If I say the place that houses 4minute, would you know~?” The partners are the Heavenly Voice members, so this trainee Kyungsoo’s referring to is Hyunsik. (For the rest of Kyungsoo’s letter: here)
  • image
  • The small picture of Kyungsoo sitting on Hyunsik’s lap, how gheiiii cute~
  • image
  • And this is from a very reliable source, one of Kyungsoo’s high school juniors/hubae’s…the one who /first/ “released” some of Kyungsoo’s high school pictures online!
  • In Baeksuk High’s senior messages page in the yearbook, this is what classmates had to say about Kyungsoo and Hyunsik: “10. Do Kyungsoo: His voice is very charming. So he sings really well and his lung capacity for singing is amazing.” & “18. Our class’s MP3. The owner of the voice that stole numerous female teachers’ and students’ hearts! [He’s] always listening to music all day…but it’s hard to catch a glimpse of his face.” So these two were already known for their singing around school in their high school years! (For Kyungsoo’s middle school yearbook message, here.)
  • Anyways, this same person shared one time when Kyungsoo’s (senior year) homeroom teacher mentioned him in class. The kids in class told the teacher, “Teacher, your ‘disciple’ has debuted!!!” & The teacher laughed & said, “I hope Kyungsoo really succeeds and says that he was from Class 3-1.”
  • Below screenshot is one that I took of a blog entry by Kyungsoo & Hyunsik’s vocal teacher. (The two went to MnE, a music academy located in Ilsandong-gu, Goyang. B.A.P’s Youngjae and numerous other singers attended this academy too!) Anyways, the entry starts off with an embedded video of Heavenly Voice’s “My Story” perf at Baeksuk High & comments, “All four of them were students at MnE and this video’s rare. not anymore lolol All four were popular because they were handsome. Of course, of course. I am posting this video out of a nostalgic mindset. These boys that had only seemed like babies!!!” The entry ends with that M!Countdown bts .gif of Hyunsik & Kyungsoo. I pointed out the tags that says, “Do Kyungsoo, Im Hyunsik, exo-k, btob, d.o…etc.” & the last one that immediately follows their names, “Aigoo, this is nice.” "AIGOO THIS IS NICE" WHUTTT VOCAL TEACHER SHIPS THEM loljk
  • image
  • And this was for a really old Weekly Idol episode; it obviously didn’t make it into the final cut or whatever you call it. I added the translation in the pic, so it’s self-explanatory. I cannot bring myself to retype the translation without keyboard smashing. OTL (If you still don’t get it, it’s BTOB’s Minhyuk commenting about his hyung’s secret affair Hyunsik & Kyungsoo.)
  • image

/done. I hope my delu shipper comments didn’t /totally/ ruin your reading of this mini-compilation. If it did, I apologize but I’m a hopeless case; can’t help myself..;;

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