hi, i'm elly, i stan suho & chen, i ship kaisoo & lumin.

i translate EXO-related stuff (Kor to Eng) that are interesting imo, such as a lot of fan acc's, some predebut facts, few widespread rumors in the k-fandom that aren't detrimental towards the boys' reps/images, etc. (+ i add in disclaimers if i'm specifically translating rumors.) but i find myself answering random anon questions a lot more. you might see my annoying replies on your dash often. OTL

recently, i haven't been replying to all anon asks i receive(d) due to schoolwork and all else that occupies my time irl. OTL I apologize beforehand if you haven't gotten replies yet (which is likelyyyy but then, there's also tumlr eating away msg's so..) Sorry. 쏘리. Lo siento. ㅜㅜ
so how did you feel translating the lyrics? rofl

I died inside. Oh, and “I hope the people who shit themselves reading the translation feel the slightest bit grateful for my leniency b/c the translation is definitely better than the Korean lyrics. I actually tried to make ((sense)) out of the lyrics while translating so less brain cells die, trying to figure out all this crap. You’re welcome.”

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